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Did You Know?

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Did you know that ... Tourmaline gemstones are formed from a mix of minerals and can be found in all colors—pink, red, green, blue and multicolored are the most common. And that Synthetic Tourmaline is made from natural powdered Tourmaline mixed with ceramic material to form beautiful—high quality stones?

Be sure to Stack & Layer—rings, bangles, and bracelets—layer necklaces—wear multiple colors, and shapes, sizes, and textures—Express Your Style! You can mix it up to create new styles without the need to buy more jewelry!

In many cultures, butterflies represent life, endurance, change, and hope. Elegant and stunning, this butterfly necklace is platinum plated sterling silver and dangles three delicate cubic zirconia butterflies. Check this one out http://bit.ly/butterflypendentnecklace

Sterling Silver is a mixture of metals (alloy) — .925 or 92.5% silver—and 7.5% copper or nickel. At Caratina.com, we specialize in sterling silver jewelry--paired with the highest quality plating and stones.

Finally, we ship our products in poly bubble mailers to ensure our jewelry gets to you safely! Look for metallic mailers from Caratina in the mail!